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The Voice Guides


The BrainShots are Voice Guides
suggesting a series of imaginative path
and are aimed to train the ability to access
to a series of positive Psychophysical States,
working on mental attitudes,
on the relationship with the emotional level,
and on the capacity of activation and physical relaxation.

The patterns of the BrainShots are based on the latest research
in neuroscience and in applied psychology, updated
and developed according to the continuous experiences
and the valuable feedback we receive from all users.

The first goal of the BrainShots
is to get familiar with own inner world
in which are constantly created thoughts, intuitions, emotions,
words, feelings, in a continuous flow, very rich and very fast.
The training and effective practice in managing these
streams of consciousness enhance the ability of self-regulation
and tuning of those mental states
that allow us to achieve both our best performance,
and the improvement of our mental and physical wellbeing.

In order to get the best from the use of the BrainShots
you have to listen to them with headphones or earphones
(we strongly recommend it because otherwise
it may be too difficult to stay focused),
and we advise you to do so by conditions not to be disturbed,
because you run the Shots with your eyes closed
and develop a sensorial immersion in the inner experiences
from which it is pleasant to emerge without being stopped abruptly.
Of course they are not to be listened to while driving
or in other situations where total external focus is essential.
Nor, as described in the Terms of Use,
without your doctor’s consent if you are on medication
or in the presence of disorders or diseases in place.

The BrainShots should be heeded in a sitting or lying position,
no TV chair or sofa, because they lead to positions
that tend to interfere with a full free breathing.
Then sit with your back straight, not bent,
arms resting on the thighs,
knees slightly ‘extended in a natural way,
the soles of the feet are on the ground,
and your head straight, which can bend a bit’ forward naturally.
Lying down can be carried out
specially to have a greater overall relaxation,
and in this case you should avoid holding legs or arms crossed
because otherwise it prevents complete relaxation
and it can interfere with a full perception of the body image.
The harder the surface on which you lean,
the greater the muscle relaxation can be achieved.
In any case it is appropriate to have something softer
under the head, but not of great thickness.


as a means of access to States of Excellence


This BrainShot is focused on the strength and the impact
that facial expressions have on our states and our emotions,
and it is aimed to increase awareness of these mechanisms,
to become able to use them voluntarily.
It also allows to perceive the importance of the deep relaxation
of the facial muscles and the sensitivity
with which our emotions are hooked to the mimic muscles.
Knowing how to consciously manage expressions allows
to effectively reactivate the psychophysical states involved therein,
and disconnect from negative, unpleasant and harmful states.
It is also crucial to improve the awareness
of what we are constantly transmitting to the outside world.
Very interesting is the increased perception of expressions “from within”,
and the subtle and sophisticated link with the emotional activation.

To know more

In addition to the psycho-somatic mechanisms, which are certainly better known,
are constantly in action also the somato-psychic mechanisms,
equally effective and powerful, that starting from our physical state
tend to make us reactivate all the mental attitudes and emotions connected.
Our emotions, our feelings, our mental attitudes, when they occur
are strongly intertwined with the physical traits that support them,
and that is, with the postures, types of breathing, muscle tone, and so on.
The mimic muscles are particularly involved in this mechanism,
those muscles that with their dynamic combinations compose our facial expressions.
The moment these combinations of muscle contractions are reactivated,
our brain tends to call even the emotions connected with an automatic,
immediate mechanism, which very often travels
under the threshold of our consciousness.
The practice done to increase awareness of these mechanisms
allows us to gradually take greater control, both to avoid to be influenced,
and to use them to turn more smoothly into our desired psychophysical states.


Repeating this BrainShot several times allows one to acquire more mastery
of these subtle dynamics and linked micro-expressions,
which often come very quickly and can allow more awareness
of the continuing activities of our subconscious mind
and being able to accept it and integrate them properly.
It’s very useful to take notes on the dominant feelings
that we find and that may be valuable in specific occasions.


Try to build the expressions that corresponds to your States of Excellence at work,
making reference points on the corresponding feelings,
and pin it checking as well good visual results in the mirror.
Take note of its features in your Travel Notes,
in order to fix them and have them always available for future reference.

You can choose between two versions, one with a male voice and one with a female voice. The content is the same and you can be guided by the one you prefer at the moment.

Male Voice

Female Voice

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