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Effective Stress Management


We have developed this online training kit
which provides a range of effective tools
to improve personal capacity to deal with Stress

Effective Stress Management

In a world that changes so fast and requires so much, to everyone, to be able to achieve self-realization,
it is increasingly normal to find ourself needing to manage high levels of stress
and we need more and more good tools to manage them when pressure increases.

The Basic Program includes a formative part targeted to provide
in-depth knowledge of the stress phenomenon,
an essential step in managing it effectively,
and a set of Voice Guides, called BrainShots®
aimed at training to productively handle the sources of stress,
performance, balance and psychophysical well-being.

The program gives information the psycho-physiological basis of stress,
its components and the different interpretative models,
the types of stressors and major coping strategies.
The guided exercises from the Voice Guides
are primarily targeted to improve the ability of Self-relaxation,
strengthen motivation and professional Self-esteem
and provide new resources for the management of Relationships.

This type of intervention on Work Related Stress has many advantages:

Efficacy: the Guides allow total autonomy in experiencing
the best personal strategies for managing organizational stress.

Time: each Guide lasts few minutes, and can be used online
on mobile devices at any time, allowing a customized management.

Continuity: the program makes new features available gradually in time,
making it possible to develop advanced customized paths.


The Voice Guides: the BrainShots®

The BrainShots are Voice Guides leading to a series of imaginative paths
that are aimed to train the ability to access
a series of positive Psychophysical States,
working on mental attitudes, on the relationship with own emotions,
and on the capacity of activation and physical relaxation.
The patterns of the BrainShots are based on the latest research
in neuroscience and in applied psychology,
updated and developed according to the continuous experiences
and the valuable feedback we receive from our users.

The first goal of the BrainShots is to get familiar with own inner world,
in which thoughts, intuitions, emotions, words and feelings
are constantly created in a continuous flow, so rich and fast.
The effective practice in managing these streams of consciousness
enhance our ability of self-regulation and tuning of those mental states
that allow us to achieve both our best performance
and the improvement of our mental and physical wellbeing.

In order to stay focused while listening to the BrainShots
we strongly recommend using headphones or earphones.
It would be ideal not to be disturbed,
because you run the Shots with your eyes closed
to develop a sensorial immersion in the inner experiences,
from which it is pleasant to emerge without being stopped abruptly.
Of course they are not to be listened to while driving
or in other situations where external focus is required.
Nor, as described in the Terms of Use, without your doctor’s consent
if you are on medication or suffer from any disorders or diseases.

The BrainShots should be listened to in a sitting or lying position,
but not on a TV chair or sofa, because they lead to positions
that tend to interfere with a full free breathing.
Sit with your back straight, arms resting on thighs, knees extended
in a natural way, the soles of the feet on the ground,
and your head straight, or bent a bit forward naturally.
You can chose to lie down, especially to achieve a greater relaxation,
in which case you should avoid holding your legs or arms crossed,
because doing so prevents a complete relaxation
and can interfere with a full perception of the body image.
The harder the surface on which you lie,
the greater muscle relaxation can be achieved.
In any case it is appropriate to have something softer,
but not very thick under the head.

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