Work Related Stress for Companies

Work Related Stress for Companies

We have developed this online training kit
which provides a range of effective tools
to improve personal capacity to deal with Work Related Stress
giving to the companies the possibility to implement effective actions
aimed at preventing and reducing the Organizational Stress.

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The project is part of the issue, sanctioned by the Europe of 2004,
which concerns the Work Related Stress, and which has as its objective
the prevention and reduction of stress in all EU countries.
Updated documentation on the phenomenon signals a damage
whose economic size is configured around 100 billion Euros per year,
considering the direct costs for health systems and loss of productivity,
closely related to the loss of competitiveness of the companies themselves.

The project involves the application of InnerTours methods
to increase efficiency and effectiveness in corporate actions
aimed at enabling the staff to manage productively
the inevitable presence of stress in organizations. 

Today companies, if they are not competitive,
are intended to remain at the margins of the global market,
and if high levels of stress are not managed appropriately,
in addition to an increase in sickness absence,
and possible parallel phenomena of high turnover and internal conflict,
this inevitably leads to much poorer performance of the staff.

For this reason we have developed these integrated training programs,
which are designed to transfer resources
to handle even high levels of work pressure,
without suffering in the psychophysical sphere,
avoiding the damage caused by exposure to prolonged stress,
and to acquire more ability to maintain a high quality of performance
even in very tense and challenging situations.

The programs are derived directly from the long experience
of working on high-level competitive situations in sport, where
performance requests and connections with the results are very high,
and the challenge leads to the ultimate expression of own potential.

The transfer of these principles within the companies,
in the most appropriate and customized forms,
means considering the work performance
as equally challenging of sporting competition,
and develop an advanced philosophy of collaboration
between the company and employees:

  • The company provides training to handle the inevitable increase
    in work-related stress, thus taking care of both the level of performance,
    and balance and personal well-being.
  • The staff has the opportunity to acquire individual resources
    to their best professional and personal realization,
    even in high-pressure situations.
  • The company and staff can raise challenges and “raising the bar”
    of success, prosperity and development, as individuals and as a team.


We have developed this online training kit
which provides a range of effective tools
to improve personal capacity to deal with Work Related Stress
giving to the companies the possibility to implement concrete actions
aimed at preventing and reducing the Organizational Stress.

Any organization produces several levels of internal stress,
stress that can never be eliminated completely,
but it can always be more efficiently managed productively,
improving individual and corporate performance,
organizational well-being and professional growht of employees.

With this goal we developed the Basic Program
which includes an educational session,
targeted to provide in-depth knowledge of the stress phenomenon,
essential to be able to manage it effectively,
and a series of Voice Guides, called BrainShots®
to train to productively handle the sources of stress,
own performance, own balance and psychophysical well-being.

The program includes the knowledge of psycho-physiological basis
of stress, of its components and the different interpretative models,
the types of stressors and major coping strategies.

Then the guided exercises from Voice Guides are primarily targeted
to improve the ability of Self-relaxation and response to stressors,
strengthen motivation and professional Self-esteem
and to provide resources for the management of Relationships.

This type of intervention on Work Related Stress has many advantages:

  • Efficacy: the Guides allow to experience in total autonomy,
    the best personal strategies for managing organizational stress.
  • Time: each Guide lasts few minutes, and can be used online
    also on mobile cells at any time, so even outside working hours,
    allowing a customized management.
  • Cost: always lower than the frontal training, and being available online
    allows employees to use 24/7 without the presence of the trainer.
  • Continuity: the program gives the possibility to be used in time,
    with advanced articulated paths that gradually will be available,
    with additional possibilities for customization.

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Work Related Kit for Companies


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